Utilize Your Strengths with Confidence and Find More Happiness

So many of us have developed our resilience strength over the past year, bouncing back from so many different challenges.  Now with so much optimism on the horizon, it’s a great time of year to analyze your unique strengths and keep on track with your goals, especially as they relate to your career. 

Truly understanding your strengths, especially those that add significant positive energy into your daily life, and then aligning those strengths to your career goals can help you define activities to bring you more happiness, personal and professional success, and less stress.  Knowing how to articulate your strengths and your uniqueness can help you stand out on a job application and give you the words to interview more effectively.

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Collaboration is Core Skill in 2021 Workplace

This blog series will provide relevant insights for you to apply to your career progress as we cover several Soft Skills that you can bring awareness to while through college and into your early career to prepare for your future.

Our soft skills series will support your preparation for your contribution to your employer. After many years in corporate America in various leadership positions, I embrace the perspective that success is 20% skill and 80% perseverance. Perseverance falls under the soft skill broad category of work ethic. Unlike technical skills or “hard” skills, soft skills are not about the knowledge you possess, yet the behaviors you display in different situations. See more information from Indeed,  Soft Skills: Definitions and Examples | Indeed.com

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Driving Future Business Success through Interns Exposure to Your C-Suite Leaders

“Always have your elevator speech ready because you never know who’s going to get in there with you!”

  • Be ready, be prepared and be confident to share “you” information

One important lesson my college recruiting team would always preach to our interns beginning on Day 1 was to be prepared to meet company leaders AND have something to share. This event happened all the time! “I saw the CEO in the elevator and he/she actually talked to me!!”

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Staying in Touch with your College Hires is Crucial!

You’ve worked hard to find the right college hires this past Fall on campus and now you have 6 to 9 months before they begin as your employee. A lot can happen between now and onboarding. You don’t want to lose this student to another organization so it’s crucial that you build a deeper relationship with these new hires by showing personal interest in them. Make them feel a part of your organization during their last semester in college. This continued proactive communication is even more important today. We share some ideas on how to “love” those senior new hires, so you don’t “lose” them. 

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Small Events Keeps It Personal

Moving forward, we are planning to do more virtual college recruiting without a physical presence on campus. AV Hire Power supports College Recruiting as one of our core services. We can guide you through this virtual process and we can save you time by tackling your hiring challenges of hiring our soon-to-be college graduates. Here are some helpful guidelines to add to your virtual and digital campus recruitment strategy.

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