Small Events Keeps It Personal

Moving forward, we are planning to do more virtual college recruiting without a physical presence on campus. AV Hire Power supports College Recruiting as one of our core services. We can guide you through this virtual process and we can save you time by tackling your hiring challenges of hiring our soon-to-be college graduates. Here are some helpful guidelines to add to your virtual and digital campus recruitment strategy.

According to a recent Yello article, “we’ve moved into a new era of campus recruiting. Considering today’s students have grown up as digital natives, preferring text messaging and email above other forms of communication, recruiting on campus is no longer an activity that exclusively takes place during annual career fairs or recruitment events.

Recruiting technology makes it possible to stay connected to students virtually, preparing them for internships and opportunities throughout their college careers and beyond. With the right digital campus recruiting strategy, it’s possible to fill talent pipelines with the next generation of talent, manage interviews with speed and efficiency, and measure the impact of any campus recruiting initiative.”

Let’s look at what works for virtual college recruiting:

  1. One key component for successful virtual recruiting is personalization, small group meetings, individualized communication, and relevant information that they can put into action. It does take more time and a concerted effort, yet students of today who are stuck in their homes/dorms, attending online classes, and under the NO visitors on campus rules are craving for company representatives to meet them personally. 
  2. Secondly, provide relevant information periodically to keep your candidates engaged. One way is to conduct informative webinars. Through your webinars, communicate what you used to do during your on-campus sessions or job fairs.
    • Record your webinars and add them to your website so students can assess them to gain information. The incoming workforce tends to look up information for themselves so make it easy to connect with you.
    • During these webinars, offer relevant topics such how to create your resume, optimizing your LinkedIn page, or testimonials from past college recruits who you helped successfully land their first position.
    • And, get creative! Consider adding content that teaches students how to hone in on the skills that will be necessary in your work environment such as, how to be great at collaboration, business writing skills, or the fundamentals for the analytics used in your company. This will demonstrate your expertise and your “care” of the incoming workforce as individuals and as future leaders.
  3. And thirdly, another way to keep them engaged and to keep it personal, text them periodically and provide a small gift such as a coffee gift card from your company. Social media is an important element for virtual college recruiting.

Virtual College Recruiting is here to stay! We can all embrace it and make it work for the college students and hiring companies. So, keep it personal with coffee chats to engage students as we form relationships with them. Personalization is the key in today’s world of college recruiting. Small meeting formats are hugely important, so you really get the chance to meet and know the students. It’s not as economical and it can take more management time upfront to engage, yet it is what students want today and how you will differentiate yourself.  

When you need guidance and an additional partner to support your Talent Acquisition needs, give us a call. College Recruiting, Career Coaching, and High-Volume Hiring are the key service areas provided by AV Hire Power.

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